Holidays Are Times For Switching Off

These days, we are all attached to our smartphones, whether we use them to text our friends, stay in touch with the world, check our emails or update our social network sites. But when it comes to taking a holiday, it seems many of us need a break from our technology as well – and there is no better place to have a tech-free vacation than the Lake District.

Here in the beautiful north-west of England, you don’t need your tablet, smartphone or laptop, as it is the ideal location to leave your connections behind, especially when it comes to work.

With 3,105 km of walking paths, the largest National Park in the UK has a plethora of natural attractions to visit, from green mountains to ice-cold lakes. So when you leave your Lake District bed and breakfast every morning, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is whether you’ve turned on your phone.

And it seems Brits are keen to switch off from work with 47 per cent turning off their internet when on holiday, according to the latest research from Direct Line Travel Insurance.

It reported that more than a third of holidaymakers disconnect their internet to enjoy a break from social media, while 13 per cent go as far as giving themselves complete ‘tech-free’ time on their trip.

Psychologist Donna Dawson said: “A break from mobile technology is one of the fastest ways to de-stress, as it gives our brains a break from constant demands on our time and attention.”

Indeed, it gives holidaymakers “time where we can calm down, de-clutter our thoughts, and re-prioritise what’s really important in our life”.

For a really relaxing break, consider a holiday in the Lake District today!

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