Holidaying With Grandparents Becomes A New Trend

More and more families are choosing to go on holiday with grandparents these days, with one in seven people over the age of 50 admitting they have been away with their children and grandkids.

There are many reasons why you might choose to go away with grandparents, such as having a babysitter if you want to enjoy a night off and getting assistance with your brood of kids. Of course, it is also time your children can spend with their grandma and granddad and get to know them a bit better.

“Not only can parents recharge their batteries and enjoy some adult time together as their parents are on hand to babysit, but grandparents can create precious memories playing games by the pool with grandchildren,” said Kevin McMullan, head of travel insurance at Saga.

He added that kids are the “real winners” as they can spend time with their “favourite adults”.

Saga Travel Insurance research showed some of the most popular holiday destinations are Spain, USA and France. However, staycations are also incredibly common these days, and many families find it easier and cheaper to book Lake District accommodation to enjoy a holiday that is nearby and hassle-free.

Indeed, according to findings from Direct Line Travel Insurance, 24 million Brits are hoping to enjoy a staycation within the next 12 months, which accounts for almost half of all British holidaymakers.

Ten per cent of these intend on heading to the Lake District, which is unsurprising given the variety of outdoor activities to take part in and beautiful sceneries to explore here.

Pay The Lake District Wildlife Park A Visit

Here’s something fun to get up to from your Lake District accommodation – paying the local wildlife park a visit. There are 25 acres to explore, so you’ll certainly be kept very busy indeed!

All animals are free to roam around the wildlife park so expect to see some wonderful sights as you make your way around yourself. The site has been in operation for an impressive 20 years (starting off life as Trotters World of Animals but recently rebranded as the Lake District Wildlife Park) and there are more than 100 species of animal just waiting to be discovered.

Look out for Brian the Lar Gibbon – he’s actually the oldest in Europe and can be found right bang in the middle of the park where he and his family can all be seen monkeying around on a massive oak tree.

So what other animals can be found here? Keep a weather eye out for boa constrictors, bald eagles, vultures, meerkats, mandrills, Asian otters, zebra and more. In fact, the nature reserve has just welcomed Charu, a young male red panda to its fold, in the hopes that he will mate with its female red panda, Meili.

As well as walking around and looking at the site in your own time, you can also book yourself an experience with some of the animals. Choose between a lemur encounter, taking a hawk for a walk, meeting the meerkats or even adopting an animal. All experiences last for one hour and cost £35 – so they’d make a brilliant birthday present!