6 Top Tips For Great Storytelling

After a day walking and a night relaxing in an old fashioned traditional pub, all of us like to tell some tales of our exploits, fictional or otherwise. We all think we’re great at spinning a yarn, but these suggestions for business leaders make great advice for anyone wanting to leave their listeners rapt and asking for more.

Set the scene. Don’t just say where you were, describe everything about where you were. How did it smell? Was it hot or cold? If it was cold enough to make you shiver then pretend to shiver, it creates atmosphere and helps draw the listener in.

Introduce your hero but manage your ego. Everyone wants to be the hero of their stories, but even if you’re talking about yourself in the story don’t let your ego get the better of you. It’s a good place to add a little self-depreciative humour to win your audience over even more.

The twist. This is the challenge to overcome. So your story is about how you had to dry the dog with your mother-in-law’s coat and everyone has a good laugh. Now you introduce the mother-in-law, looking for her coat and walking straight towards you!

These tips should help you master the art of telling a great fireside story, but for one last advanced tip, try to plant a ‘call-back’ into the story, a reference to something that happened earlier to tie the whole thing together. If you pull that off, you’ll have earned a good night’s sleep!

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